Women in your prime, I'm talking to you! Are you ready for change? If yes, wonderful. If not, let me help you do the things you're afraid to do. We'll "detox your life" so you're prepared for what's next.

My offer, "Detox Your Life" emerged as a synthesis of my early days working with clients, to what's happening with them now. As I've been listening to them I've discovered there's a common thread; the feel empowered, yet some are struggling to keep it all together. Thankfully, that empowerment piece is what's fueling them to keep showing up, even though they may have no idea what's going to happen. Change is imminent, they want to know how to roll with it.

And so, I pulled all those concerns, advice, and ideas together to create a program that has helped these women build a solid foundation where they can face change head on.