Hello! I'm Mindy,

I'm an Empowerment Coach who works with women in their prime to offer support as they move toward change, courage, and wellness. I will "detox your life" with a focus on: mindset, health, WHOLE body care, and self-care & routines.

I support my clients with kindness, care, and a gentle nudge.


I've been running my business for several years now. During that time I've had the opportunity to work with many people, but mostly with women navigating major upheavals in their lives. All were at a stage in their lives on the brink of change, either to improve their health and well-being, down-sizing, or reining in their stuff. Along the way I've listened intently, offering my support, guidance, and more importantly compassion. During our interactions, I started to see a pattern, and out of that I realized some of the ways I can help.

Cultivate a positive mindset, and assist my client to identify opportunities and replace habits that sidetrack their efforts.

Focus on food: educate, detox, and replenish your pantry with the right foods. Setting your kitchen up for success.

Emphasize the value of using safe products on your WHOLE body, whether it's on, or in your environment.

Stress the importance of self-care for long-term benefits.

I'm humbled beyond belief by the people I get to help, and grateful for their reciprocity. In fact, the best piece of praise a client has ever given me (that's if I had to pick one!), is what my client asks herself when I'm not around, "what would Mindy do?". I'm encouraged to continue showing up and helping people in my own special way.

If you're looking for guidance and support to "detox your life", I'd love to work with you!

From healing, to mindset shifts, to liberated female striving to help others feel the same:

I've coordinated my own Fem-Centric Gatherings to hold a safe space for women to speak from their hearts, and share their truth.

I'm a major advocate of Momentum Leaders, and an active lead volunteer eventually earning a spot in their bi-annual conference marketplace.

I'm a supporter of Young Women's Empowerment Conference (YWEC), speaking at the 2016 conference, and then twice at their Ambassador Workshops during the 2016-17 school year.

I've always known I have a difficult time "turning off"; whether I'm finding ways to imagine, improve, or solve a puzzling matter. It's because I love what I do.

If you're looking for more guidance and support to "detox your life", sign up for my weekly newsletter here. Or, if you would like to connect to learn more, send an email to: mindy@mindysanto.com we can schedule a convenient time.

When I'm not coaching, speaking, or writing I can be found in downward dog at my yoga practice. I love, love, love to cook and try new recipes, and I'm a voracious reader of books related to my path. 

Here are a few things people may not know about me. I love animals and pet sit as a side gig, since I currently don't have any of my own, this helps create a conduit to furry love. I enjoy zooming around town in my manual transmission car, in fact, it's become a deal-breaker in the search for my next car. And, I can fold a fitted sheet like a boss, 'nuff said!

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Much love, Mindy