Helping women live more vibrantly, and love the skin they’re in, no matter what their age.


Welcome! I'm Mindy Santo,

An Empowerment Coach on a mission. I believe, once you build a solid foundation, you're capable of anything. My experience has proven this time and again, and whenever I veer from this path, I'm able to quickly tune in again and course correct. Thankfully, your body is incredibly resilient. But, it wasn't until I ventured down this path that I could recognize the benefit I've gained, now I know and I want to help others feel amazing, inside, and out.

And now, I'm embarking into new uncharted territory. Entering my 50's has opened up a whole new world of unique health experiences ripe with opportunity and possibility-I'm choosing to thrive and excited to be here right now. Through my Fem-Centric Gatherings and one-on-one conversations, I'm witnessing the benefits of a sound mind and body by connecting with actively-engaged, everyday women in my world. Their chutzpah is inspiring, and fuel for me as I age. When asked what makes them tick? THE common denominator, "Your Body is Your Temple". And, I believe them wholeheartedly.


Mindset, Food, and Movement are the common denominators and I want to help you get there by laying the groundwork for a healthy you.

Participate in varying levels of One-on-One Experiences: 4 or 6 Weeks, 3 Months, or 6 Months.


Each benchmark has been important for me to realize my bigger why. Along the way I've connected the dots, tested, validated, and tested again to discover what works. I've become acutely aware of the connection between what's going on with my body AND the food I'm putting into it. Focus on my mindset has been key, this helped me to ground then learn how to nourish my body to fuel, heal, and sustain. Treat it well right now--and this will pay off exponentially in the future.

You’re not flawed, wrinkled, old, or irrelevant; you’re just who you’re supposed to be for the next generation to discover, appreciate, and follow.