"Ask Mindy"

Somebody used my "Ask Mindy" feature, how exciting! However, it's also kind of a surprise. Since there had been no activity for several months, I removed the link, or at least I thought I had. However, I think I may reinstate the feature, I enjoy being able to connect and help in this way.

(FYI: The service I use went through some changes recently, so I had to let anonymous know, it may have slipped through the cracks long ago)

"What should I do with my life?"

That's a big one, something that can't be answered quickly, or easily, really. But, here's my recommendation to make the process a little easier on yourself.

  • What triggered this question? What is your intention? Does this question reflect a more global perspective, like helping with a cause in the world or your community, or are you trying to figure out next steps with the work you're doing now? In either case, if you're unsure, you may try these next steps toward discovering it.
  • Get clear about what you do like, whether you write it down, choose visual images, or tell somebody, get those thoughts out of your head and claim them in some way. Where I get results and what I suggest most often is, write it down--"write it into existence", it works. And, be consistent with those thoughts, think about them often.

If you're looking to help with a greater cause, volunteer in some capacity with an organization that speaks to you. Is there a cause that's close to your heart? Has someone close to you experienced addiction, and you feel called to raise awareness or funds to help a cause related to that? Or, if this is for your next steps, and you're trying to figure out what you want to do, what have you enjoyed in previous positions? What really motivated you to show up everyday, those are the items you record, because you want more of them to show up!

Of course, it's helpful to know what you don't like. However, recognize them for what they are, and the feelings they evoked, then release them. The more you think, speak, and do toward your intentions, the more you perpetuate that positive energy to bring the good into view.

Once you realize those traits you like and admire, you may need to do some research to discover where you could apply them. If you'd like more guidance, leave a comment so I can share it with my newsletter subscribers, they're an insightful, and helpful group of folks.

  • Now, immerse yourself in how you want to feel daily, monthly, or overall with your work, or the cause you're getting behind. Joyful, energized, engaged, valued, satisfied? Go there, go deep.
  • Think about what you want to be doing with your time, and record it. When do you want to rise, what would you like to be doing with your time? How do you want your day to unfold? Don't hold back, being as explicit as possible in any thought process is advantageous; put it on your calendar, set reminders on your phone, whatever works best for you. On my calendar, I've included "reflection time", I'm intentional about the time I carve out to read my inspirational emails, record any thoughts I had overnight, or sit in silence. It matters to me.

Speaking of silence. Years ago, I met a woman at an event, she said something that resonated with me: If you're always asking for guidance, how will you be able to hear the answer if you never get quiet?

Anonymous reader, please let me know if I helped in any way, or anybody else for that matter. If so, awesome, if not, what can I do to make it better? Click "Ask Mindy", or leave a comment to connect with me, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for reading, and much love to you on your journey.

Symbol of Gratitude

During a recent project I was reminded of why I do what I do. Even though this satisfaction happens often, this time the result was especially rewarding. We had worked together for several weeks slogging through rows of boxes, unearthing treasures buried in a storage space for the last 20 years. Besides being an emotionally draining experience, it was also triumphant. Every time we worked together the pile of boxes dwindled, items found their loving home, or, if they didn't spark joy, they were sent away for another person to enjoy. Before one of our sessions together, she came across a box of random items in one of the last rooms we unpacked; it was packed to the gills with office supplies, paperwork, and precious mementos. As she was digging through, she came across an item that had been passed between she and her daughters, a red stone heart. Initially she ran through her strategy, do I want this item? Do I have an attachment to it? Does it bring me joy? Is this a keepsake for the girls, or for me? As she ran through the list, she glossed over what had brought her to this place, and how far she'd come. She knew just what to do.

We were finally nearing the end of the project. On one of our last days of our work together we gathered around the island in the kitchen, throughout the life of the project this had become a ritual for us. Carving out time before we started our day was beneficial, we could hash out the details of the previous day, celebrate what had been accomplished, and plan for next steps. It also transformed into a time to discuss other topics not directly related to the project, however achieving a peace of mind affected it.

After we wrapped up our meeting, we walked into the last room that had become our makeshift staging area for odds & ends, she was a few steps ahead of me. As I entered the room she came to the door and put something in my hand, it was the red, stone heart. With tears in her eyes she shared with me the impact I had on her life, and how happy she was with all we had accomplished. She wanted me to have the heart as a symbol of her love and light in me. I was touched, I couldn't stop the tears from welling up in my eyes.

Symbol of Gratitude.jpg

As she spritzed the heart with her favorite scent, she asked me to find a sacred place for the heart, and to not let it go. How could I? This is bringing ME joy ;)


The Journey Begins....Discovery

When I started thinking about how I would convey the scope of this journey my mind leapt to Abby from NCIS, maybe I had just watched the show. Who knows?  She would totally rock this role, mining for information about the chemicals that have been added to our food source, and uncovering the reasons why. I bet the team wouldn’t be surprised to find some of these chemicals in an incendiary device! She is extremely passionate about what she does, and I find it easy to relate to that passion when it comes to the subject of food.

Bottom line: I am an aspiring, informed consumer, not a medical pro, nor do I intend to be one. This journey began because I wanted to feel better.

When I realized the benefit of this effort, I felt compelled to share and since then I have been able to help others like me. I aim to make it easier for people to read and demystify labels so they can avoid the bad stuff, give them some healthier alternatives, and then arm them with the ingredients to create an attainable menu for themselves. 


My passion for helping people feel better is the common denominator, and I vow to do it more often.


Several years ago I was experiencing stomach discomfort which would keep me awake or wake me up out of a deep sleep. I would wake up groggy, unproductive, and frustrated.  As I contemplated my symptoms, I had a hunch my discomfort was related to the food I was eating especially since I noticed they occurred after meals. Similar to Abby from NCIS, I dug deep searching for answers like a forensic scientist. What I found was shocking and disappointing. This pivotal moment changed my whole perspective about what I shopped for, consumed, and prepared, including meals at some of my favorite restaurants.

I started a food journal, hoping to find a common thread with my eating patterns. The journal wasn’t extravagant; I simply used a few sheets of notebook paper in a folder, assigned each day a column at the top, and then listed each mealtime, snack, etc., in the left hand margin.

Since I favor a vegetarian diet, I chose foods I thought would make me “feel full” and satiated. For breakfast I ate boxed cereal, for lunch I made a tofu or hummus spread sandwich, and my dinner choices included bread and pasta. Yes, I noticed my menu was heavy on the grains and that was too much; my body required more variety.


Dinner is where I focused the most research effort, especially since I was feeling most of my discomfort at night. I recorded the information, started to investigate, and soon a pattern emerged. What I discovered about my bread and pasta with sauce only scratched the surface. I had opened Pandora’s Box and uncovered some troublesome information.

First, I learned that if I introduced more variety into my food selection, I would benefit more from them. Then I learned too much of a good thing is not such a good thing. I learned to go for breadth, assortment, variety, and not depth when choosing my meals.

Moderation is key - not just for weight loss, but for the good foods you do eat. “Variety is the spice of life” but also more beneficial for our bodies than we realize.

Then, I learned something even more disturbing: the pasta sauce I was using at the time contained High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). I was confused! Why does my sauce need to be sweetened when it is already made with tasty tomatoes? There is so much flavor in good tomatoes that there is no need to add a sugar substitute, especially one that is not healthy for our bodies. Unfortunately, I started to uncover more than just the HFCS. Even when I chose a ‘healthier’ or organic sauce option, I ran the risk of ramping up my blood pressure. There can be an exorbitant amount of sodium in a serving of pasta sauce.

Finally, the most unsettling revelation was the discovery of Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHO). I was shocked at what foods contain this chemical!

My trips to the grocery store were becoming formidable; I scanned the shelves for my regular items, twisting and turning jars, cans, and bags to scour labels. It was exhausting, but also a rush for my research-geared brain. I had to allocate more time for my grocery shopping there was so much to learn about the choices I was making, I was all in.

This is where it all started, it feels like a lifetime ago. However, it's only the beginning. I'll be sharing more about my journey in the next few posts, stay tuned!