MINDSET METHOD: the Foundation

Empower: helping someone realize their abilities and potential, perhaps for the first time”, this definition from Vocabulary.com is representative of why I do what I do with my clients. With my "Mindset Method", I’m providing a process that will empower & uplift you to bring your intentions to fruition. This is the gateway to getting what you to change, improve, or desire.

Reverse Engineer your intentions.....

What does the intention you desire look like? What is it? Get crystal clear, however don't be attached to the outcome, it may not arrive in the form you intended. And, it will still be exactly what you need.

WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR DAY TO LOOK LIKE, YOUR ROUTINE? Map it out. What do you see, how does it unfold? What time do you rise, eat, or go to bed? What would you like to be doing with your time?

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO "FEEL" ONCE YOU ACHIEVE THE INTENTIONS YOU DESIRE? Immerse yourself in the "feeling"; is it love, satisfaction, joy, energy, accomplished, grateful?
Go there, go deep.

Remember muscles require flexing to stay strong, this is an on-going practice, practice, practice. I strongly believe Mindset is the most important piece of the puzzle to achieve the intentions you desire.

We'll find the tools you need to get your desired results. I'll show you how to access them on your own, and ways to keep them sharp. Your success is my desire for you.

Some days you'll feel like you can achieve anything, other days, not so much. That's okay, give yourself grace for making the effort. If you struggle, reach out to me, or one of the tools we discovered.

If you desire, we can set up daily reminders via email, text, or a chat by phone. What works for you?

How can you quiet the perpetual, negative thoughts that sabotage your efforts? By consistently embodying these practices

  • MOTIVATION-What are the triggers that will help you work toward your desires? Bring them out into the light, and record them.

  • JUST BREATHE-Learn how to breathe consciously to improve your health. Get centered, calm, breathe deeply, and allow.

  • BE PRESENT-Live in the here and now, the past has passed, the future is unknown. Refrain from dwelling in either because they don't serve you. This may be a challenge but stay firm.

  • SET INTENTIONS-"The best way to predict the future is to invent it", Alan C. Kay. Vision with images, illustration, and words--write them into existence.
    Tools to execute: magazine images, online Pinterest board, your own creations, or journal, etc.

  • MEDITATION-As you open your heart, be silent, and allow. You choose the setting


Accomplish any intention you desire through Mindset.....

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