I've been running my business for several years now. Throughout that time I've had the opportunity to work with many people, although the majority have been women navigating transitions. Whether they were on the brink of change to improve their well-being, managing life, or reining in their stuff I've listened intently offering my support, guidance, and more importantly compassion. Based on this work, a CORE emerged.

Focus on Food:

Food is vitality, energy, and healing. You have the power to make the right decisions for your body by choosing the right foods. It’s liberating to tune in and take charge of your health from the inside out.

  • Ingredient Education: Learn my "top 3" and their adverse effects on your body. In what foods do you find them, and what are some better alternatives? There are some, I promise!

  • Better Your Pantry: We’ll take stock of items that contain the “top 3”, and better items to replace them.

  • Kitchen Organization: Create an efficient and attractive space conducive to preparing a good meal, maybe lure you back into the kitchen, or teach you some new tricks.

Time For You:

Life is chaotic, messy, and unpredictable. Career, kids, relationship, etc. how do you fit one more "to do" on your list? Doing something for yourself, even if it's every once in a while, SHOULD NOT be a luxury. Dedicating time for you is crucial for your health, and to those around you.

  • Down-Time: Stepping away from your busy life to get quiet, have fun, or experience something new can contribute to your creativity, and help you gain a fresh, new perspective on life. By the way, when I say down-time, I don't mean pulling out your phone to fill in the gap…..

  • Exercise: A body in motion stays in motion. We all have fascia that envelopes our muscles, if you are not moving your fascia, then it will seize up. Unfortunately, this leaves you at risk for aches, pains, and unnecessary suffering. I know, it happened to me, read about here. Yoga works for me, let's find a practice that helps you.

  • Brain Health: Even though it's officially not a muscle, the response is very similar--you must use it, or you lose it! What about learning a new language, or preparing a new recipe? Or, even choosing an alternate driving route can strengthen your brain. What would you choose to change things up?

  • Relationships: This may be met with resistance, and that's okay. No matter what age you are you shouldn't have to relinquish your precious energy or time to a toxic relationship, one that causes you to feel anger, fear, or inferior. However, as we age, I realize you may feel like making friends is more difficult. But, if those friendships bring heartache and suffering, they have the potential to be counter-productive to your health. If you need support, guidance, or understanding around this subject, let me be your sounding board.

Your Environment:

Whether it's your personal or professional space, when it's in order, you're free to live your life with more ease. When your sacred space has spun out of control, it can have an adverse affect on every facet of your life. Sometimes we're too attached to our stuff, finding someone to steer and help you make the right decisions is important.

  • Edit: Less is more. Should it stay, or should it go? Dedicating valuable space to an item that no longer brings you joy? Remove it from where it resides, set it aside, and marinate on it. This is a powerful practice that has cast a new perspective on how I view my stuff. Is it necessary?

  • Organize: When you find the right location for your stuff, your space can operate like a well-oiled machine. Find what you need more quickly. When you edit, decision making is a breeze. Slowly but surely I've been eliminating items from my wardrobe that no longer represent me, I've saved precious time, feel empowered by wearing what makes me feel good, and save money by only buying what's important to me.

  • Finesse: Tweak, arrange, and style. Ability to see the bigger picture and execute the right changes in a resourceful way.

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