It wasn't my intention to publish my first post about this topic, however it seemed appropriate to me right now I'm certain there are those who can relate. Initially I had started planning how I was going to introduce myself and let you know a little bit about me, of course I will do that, but I wanted to touch on this topic first. It feels like the right thing to do.

Plenty has been written about this topic, and it's all true. Starting is hard just like others mention, but it's a worthwhile hard. Once you do 'start' it's all totally worth it, especially when you have a valid reason for starting that can't be denied any longer. What I have found, if you start, you just can't stop. When I was mulling over the decision that would ultimately lead me down this path I struggled then with the decision to start. Now I'm at a point where my urge to share outweighs my urge to remain in the same place or anonymous. It's hard to start, believe me I know. It was so difficult to think of moving on from what I knew and where I was comfortable for so long, I couldn't quite wrap my head around it at the time. Thankfully I've come so far I need to give myself some grace. And, I know there is still more to do.

Speaking of......

From what I have learned from others who are ahead of me on their journey, you'll always have things to do because this is a fluid process. We are all constantly learning. While helping others we realize our game plan may change to help them more effectively, so know there is not an endgame and that is a good thing. Settle into that knowing. Get used to change, embrace it. Know it's okay to feel anxious when change happens. Allow yourself to go there then course correct. Take the energy you're using to fret over the situation and guide it towards your next step, towards something that will reap rewards on your journey. Thankfully I'm thoroughly enjoying the journey right now and love seeing the fruits of my labor.

Ever since I got more clear about my journey it has been an all-consuming ride I can't stop thinking or talking about.

I will tell you, at first, even after this feeling had been weighing on me to take this leap and try something new I still wasn't sure. When somebody asked me what I did for a living I subtly redirected the conversation and evaded the question. I felt ashamed for what I thought I wanted to do at this point in my life. Then, there was a pivotal moment after doing some market research everything changed. I wanted to shout from the rooftops what I was doing and get everybody on board, the momentum felt great!

During my journey I've also learned you hit benchmarks that help you gauge your success, or failure at different points along your path. Despite hitting several key benchmarks along the way like: speaking a handful of times, talking openly to friends and strangers about my interests, or feeling more clear about my purpose after a truth telling session in my online program I still needed to experience each level in depth to proceed forward. I wasn't able to simply dive in full tilt boogie yet. Even though I was impatient for things to happen on my journey, they wouldn't have been sustainable. I needed to learn the inner workings at each level, be fully immersed in it to grasp what was going on and build upon that foundation to advance.

Yes, there are many thought leaders on the internet, your friends, family, even random strangers who may ask what you do then give their advice on what they believe is right for you, but the thing is it's all you. It's okay if you need to take your time to gather data, research options, and contemplate what to do next. Trust me, when you give yourself time to tune in you will know when you want to start. I wish I could convey to you what it felt like at that moment when I said to myself, "okay, I'm ready".

There was a sense of deep peace and awareness, it was palpable.

Thankfully I've been able to apply this mindset to all that I do in my life, give things time to marinate, grasp what's really going on, then proceed forward. If I don't then it's futile. When I speak to people I encourage them to start at point A, then when they're ready move onto point B, and so forth. Bottom line: you can't leave your house and get to the store without walking to the door, opening it, getting in the car, etc. The beauty of this is, you begin noticing forward momentum by creating sustainable habits. Now there are real time results that give you a sense of accomplishment. Once you feel the forward motion there's no limit to how much you can do, how quickly you do it, and the results you will gain. There are lessons to be learned at every stage, especially if you're learning something you've never tried before. For the past couple of years everything has been new, it's exciting to see what's around the corner, and also a bit daunting to not know what's around the corner!

Hello, my name is Mindy Santo, I'm here to save the world one stalk of kale at a time!!!

(In your mind insert an image of me here holding a stalk of kale with confidence and conviction, I need to work on that! Ha!)

I'm fascinated by so many things in our immense world, big or small. What I'm also fascinated by is the ability our bodies possess to heal, no matter the stage of the game. My journey was one of necessity to eliminate stomach pain that was causing me to lose sleep, experience exhaustion, and frustration. I had no idea how great I could feel and that's what I want to make clear to you now. You can start to make changes toward improving your situation in sustainable ways.

As I started to uncover what was going on with my stomach and feeling better, each step forward was a huge accomplishment. First I discovered knowing what was in the foods I was eating was priority. I scoured labels with a fine tooth comb, and conducted in depth research on my findings. After I honed in the culprit of my stomach pains, I shifted towards eating more whole foods. I searched for foods in their purest form that had little to no ingredients, ingredients I could read, and pronounce.

So, if I hadn't started research to figure out what was going on, I would have existed in the same space still feeling horrible and not doing anything about it. However, I started and found true success and relief in taking action. I know what it feels like because I've been there. I can help you recognize those signs and get you on your path towards feeling better, improving your mental clarity, increasing your energy levels, and recapturing your vitality.

I'm feeling better now because I started, I didn't need coaxing because ultimately I wanted to feel better.

Creating Sustainable Habits to help you create greater ease in your life....