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Full Day or 1/2 Day options available

Your day is a one-on-one experience that's ALL about you. When you get the opportunity to dedicate your undivided attention to your goals for 4 to 6 hours, magical things happen. I always love working up close and personal with my clients in chunks of time.

If you're prepared to take a big "mother may I?" step, a VIP 1/2 or Full Day Experience could be the right fit for you.

This project was so much more than helping me move through my stuff, you were a good listener supporting me as I worked through my attachment to it. I feel so much better than I ever imagined, thanks for helping me see what’s possible.
— Mary, client

Before we get started, let's talk. What do you want to accomplish? We can outline our day, and once we get involved if the mood strikes, feel free to go from our intuition and course correct.

For instance, maybe you opt for Mindset Method because your goals have been feeling elusive lately. You're in need of practical, hands-on guidance to equip you with the right tools to reach them. First, we'll identify your all-important Motivation trigger, one that will guarantee success in moving you toward your goal. What kind of gain would help you accomplish your endgame? It's your choice, just make sure it has the power to move you.

Get centered with your breath, more importantly, Breathe. We'll learn the benefits of breathing, naturally and with purpose. It can fill you up and reduce stress; it is life-giving energy that sustains and fortifies our bodies. I'll share a gentle practice with you, one you can do anywhere at anytime.

While breathing, a natural progression is to Meditate. When you open up and reach a clear mind, the benefits are amazing. Initially you may experience resistance in the way of images, or noise, that's natural. When I first started my practice I could only manage 3 minutes of an uninterrupted mind, now I'm upwards of 10 or more! And, that didn't take long to accomplish either.

To Live in the Present admittedly is not as easy as it sounds, however the benefits outweigh the discomfort by a mile. When you let go of the past, life becomes easier, less burdensome. You're free from judging others for 'how' they got here, you can accept and appreciate them for the ways they show up now. The biggest benefit? Your piece of mind. Take this opportunity to free yourself from old stories you've been telling yourself, give yourself some grace, and then appreciate and admire who you are right now. You live and you learn, or maybe it ought to be, you learn and you live. 

Conversely, we have a tendency to future-trip over situations that haven't even happened yet, resulting in a loss of vital energy and head space. A rare few can predict the future, so cut yourself some slack and steer back into the present lane.

In the final step rests a powerful practice, Intention-Setting. Your active participation is empowering, in fact, you may believe you have the power to write your story. Well, when you take the time and effort to gain laser-like clarity, the world is your oyster ;)

What do you think? Would you be ready to take on the world! Talk about the perfect remedy to your self-care conundrum. Prior to your scheduled day, we'll map out your VIP Day during our call . It's YOUR experience. Again, you choose one, or a combination, it's your day. When we wrap up, I want you to feel supported to identify your opportunities, course correct, initiate a plan, and go for it! And, for your convenience, we can meet in-person, or virtually.

If this approach resonates with you, and you'd like to discuss it further, send me an email: Thank you, much love to you on your journey.

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